Manufacturing Data Integration Visualization Software

Manufacturing Data Integration & Visualization Software

Keep the pulse of your business in real time.

With Dploy Solutions data integration and visualization software, you get your organization’s complete performance picture, all in one place. KPIs are automatically updated in real time and users can see the metrics that matter most in customizable dashboards. Your team is empowered to proactively respond to exactly what’s happening in the business, right when it’s happening.

Spreadsheets and data management complexity can hamstring your responsiveness.

If your manufacturing operations is like many, you’re using spreadsheets generated by disparate systems to manage operations. Daily progress and historical trend information is buried. And, if you’re waiting on monthly updates, you often get information too late to avoid a miss.

Aggregate and see up-to-the-minute critical data.

Dploy Solutions features powerful data integration capabilities that work with the ERP, MES, and factory floor equipment and devices you’re already using to pull and aggregate critical data all in one place. You get real-time updates on key performance metrics, giving you one complete picture of what’s happening in both your business and manufacturing systems. And you can say goodbye to the hassle of multiple spreadsheets and the administrative burden of data management.

See data in context.

Dploy Solutions’ data visualization capabilities give your team a realistic and comprehensive view of operational and factory equipment performance across multiple functions, units, and locations. Using dynamic dashboards that are easy to customize, you can see hits and misses at a glance and quickly determine where you stand in relation to your goals.

Drill down for deeper insights.

With your performance picture at your fingertips, you’re ready to dig in, quickly find answers to misses, uncover keys to success, and use that insight to guide your next steps in your continuous improvement journey.

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