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For small to mid-sized companies, Dploy Solutions is the only manufacturing software platform that combines digital manufacturing and Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions with continuous improvement methodologies to advance your smart manufacturing goals. Dploy Solutions brings data together from the top floor to the shop floor and gives you the tools needed to advance operational excellence. It empowers business leaders with real-time performance insights, analytics capabilities that drive to the root cause of problems, and management tools for acting on issues. With Dploy Solutions, you know exactly where performance problems lie and where to focus your manufacturing technology investments for the greatest return.


Connect, visualize, and analyze data from the top floor
to the shop floor.

Dploy Solutions is a suite of cloud-based digital manufacturing and IIoT solutions designed to collect, integrate, visualize, and analyze all sources of data that impact business performance. It provides one central engine for marrying Information Technology (IT) and Operations Technology (OT) data, manually entered data, factory floor data, and data from external sources. Dploy Solutions provides a complete performance picture that can guide your Industry 4.0 journey while focusing your entire organization on driving breakthrough, sustainable performance.

Strategy Deployment

Accelerate strategy execution. Connect everyone to your mission.

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KPI Management

Stay focused on the right metrics. Hit your goals every hour, day, and month to win the year.

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Project Management

Align improvement projects to strategy. Track and manage their success.

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Factory Floor Connectivity/IIoT

Combine factory floor and IIoT data with business metrics. Get your complete performance picture.

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Business Analytics

Transform the way you identify and resolve problems. Optimize business performance.

What Our Customers Say
  • We hit a tipping point when we decided to expand KPI and corrective action processes beyond operations. We needed a more effective and efficient way to support and track performance across all locations.

    – Alexandre Murta, Director, ESCO Business System – Blades ESCO Corporation –

  • Our consultant at Dploy Solutions was no-nonsense, a good communicator and really meshed well with the team. We finished the project ahead of what was an aggressive schedule.

    – CEO of a Leading Chemical Supplier –

How It Works

Get started on your digital journey the right way.

As a cloud-based system, Dploy Solutions puts performance insights and action plans in context and makes them available whenever and wherever you work. These insights illuminate areas of your manufacturing operations to determine where digital manufacturing technologies are needed. The solution aggregates essential IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operations Technology) data from the often-disparate business systems you already use, enabling analysis of relationships between those data through meaningful graphics and reports, in alerts, and on mobile devices. With Dploy Solutions, you know what, when, where, and why issues are happening and what the impact is to your business. And you know where opportunities exist for new smart manufacturing technology that can help you become a factory of the future.



Business &
Manufacturing Analytics




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