The Lion: What Does ‘Courage’ Mean in Manufacturing?

, Wes Turner | September 14, 2020 | 

“How to get out of Manufacturing Oz” Web Series

Episode 3: The Lion – What Does ‘Courage’ Mean in Manufacturing?

Webcast Recording  |  Duration: 20 minutes

The next 8 – 12 months will require making some tough decisions to address challenges that are negatively impacting your daily operations.  Challenges such as:

  • How do I stay efficient and productive when I have staffing issues?
  • What processes are no longer benefiting operations?
  • What areas of my operations are consistently missing daily targets and why?

In this episode TBM manufacturing technology experts will talk about the types of data and technology needed to fuel the “courage” you need to make the tough decisions in uncertain and dynamic environments.


Wes Turner, Senior Management Consultant
Wes Turner


Wes Turner has 20+ years of experience providing hands-on operational leadership in manufacturing, engineering, and continuous improvement.  His areas of expertise include lean manufacturing, lean product development, management system implementation, project management, cost reduction, facilities management, technology, value stream and process mapping.