Industrial IoT Software Solves Factory Floor Problems

January 24, 2020 | 

Spot and correct factory floor problems fast to protect your business, margins, and revenues. With Dploy Solutions digital manufacturing software, you know the moment a deviation in process occurs or equipment failure is imminent. Supervisors and operators get access to real-time factory floor data and are alerted when machine performance starts to slip outside of the acceptable zone. And they can take immediate action by using problem solving industrial IoT software tools to correct the issue fast. Dploy Solutions Factory Floor Connectivity helps you stay in tune with your processes and equipment. Production stays on track. And your business stays profitable.

With Dploy Solutions you get:

Real-time connectivity to factory floor data by the second:

  • Leverage best-in-class OPC client-server architecture by Kepware
  • Connect smart devices, PLCs, control systems, and industrial IoT sensors
  • Support 140+ protocols (old and new)

Historical manufacturing data collection via operational data historian:

  • Long-term storage of critical data
  • Review trends with robust visualization tools and analytics

Dynamic and user-defined digital manufacturing dashboards:

  • HMI and SCADA dashboards to support factory views
  • Drag-and-drop functionality to customize dashboards to each user’s needs
  • Data in dynamic charts and graphs delivered to Dploy Solutions by the second

Escalate issues with the help of real-time alerts:

  • Identify issues before production gets off track
  • Leverage multi-level drill down capabilities to identify root causes
  • Create and manage action plans for quick resolutions

Contact us to schedule a personal demo and discuss how Dploy Solutions can keep your factory equipment performance, production and processes on track.