Data-Driven Manufacturing Insights & Solutions with KPI Management

February 10, 2020 | 

Get real-time data-driven manufacturing insights to see exactly what is happening in your operations every hour of every day. Stream in performance data from disparate systems with our data integration service and visualize KPI metrics with our robust data visualization tools. Drill down further in to the KPI charts to find out where problems are happening, the reasons for the problems and what is being done to fix them.  Dploy Solutions digital KPI management and data integration capabilities keeps the pulse on operational performance AND identifies and corrects issues so you stay on track with operational goals and improve profitability.

With Dploy Solutions KPI Management Software Your Executives can:

  • Receive daily manufacturing insights across the business using customizable dashboards
  • Know at a glance where critical targets are missed, see reasons for the miss, and create and monitor action plans to get back on track
  • Quickly determine where focus is needed to drive business performance using ‘Hot Spots’ dashboards
  • Create an efficient, accountable, and results driven culture

Your Directors and Managers Can:

  • Gain quick views on critical metrics via user defined KPI dashboards
  • Rapidly respond to issues and create immediate actions to optimize performance
  • Create and monitor countermeasures for continuous improvement for top problem areas
  • Monitor and manage performance by location, department, area, risk level—and more
  • Easily roll up key data for real-time leadership review via dynamic data visualizations

Your Associates Can:

  • Actively contribute to identifying and resolving root causes of problems
  • Respond faster and address problem areas before they get out of hand

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