Business Analytics Software That Answers the Question of ‘WHY’

July 24, 2019 | 

It’s not enough to know a problem exists. Get down to the detail of why! The sooner you know you have a problem that’s standing in the way of meeting your business goals, the better it is for your operations. But once you identify the issue, you still need to drill down to determine what’s driving the problem. Watch this video to learn how the business analytics capabilities of Dploy Solutions can give your team a broader and deeper view of what is truly happening in your operations.

With Dploy Solutions embedded analytics capabilities you can:

Integrate all data that impacts business performance in real time:

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Financial data
  • Human Resource (HR) data
  • Other data from internal and external sources (ERP, CRM, QMS, factory floor data, etc.)

Analyze relationships between KPIs and other business factors:

  • Learn what is impacting KPI metrics from executive levels down to factory floor equipment
  • See relationships between KPIs, financial performance, HR data, and more

Manage insights for your digital manufacturing operations:

  • Users receive job-specific insights on a customized, intuitive user interface
  • Perform customized analytical scenarios
  • View Industrial IoT data in meaningful ways
  • Make informed decisions that drive business forward

Track business actions taken based on those insights:

  • Create and manage action plans
  • Set alerts and detect anomalies

Request your personal demo today to see how Dploy Solutions can deliver broader and deeper insights into what is impacting progress toward your manufacturing goals.