Accelerate Strategy Deployment Initiatives With Digital Manufacturing Capabilities

Dploy Solutions strategy deployment and KPI management capabilities brings clear visibility into strategic initiatives and critical KPIs so the entire team knows what needs to get done to effectively achieve operational goals by the day, month and year. With the help of digital manufacturing capabilities of Dploy Solutions, employees at all levels can identify and remove obstacles to hitting KPI targets and create countermeasures for continuous improvement.

With Dploy Solutions you can:

  • Communicate long-term vision, objectives and expectations for success by leveraging the process of policy deployment (or Hoshin Kanri strategic planning system) and the X-Matrix capabilities of Dploy Solutions.
  • Link corporate goals directly to the point of impact by cascading to the various departments and individuals responsible.
  • Track KPI performance vs. targeted goals. KPI bowler charts display red and green indicators to let you know if teams are meeting goals. Use user-defined KPI dashboards to see progress at a glance.
  • Proactively identify top reasons for problems via pareto charts. Using action plan capabilities, quickly identify critical actions to move past obstacles and monitor resources and progress easily.
  • Support continuous improvement efforts using the A3, 8D and 5-why problem solving capabilities that help determine root cause of obstacles and create countermeasures to get progress back on track and sustain long term success.

Request your personal demo today so you can see how Dploy Solutions helps connect your people to operational strategy and KPIs so everyone is focused on winning!

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