Cloud-Based Project Management Software

Cloud-Based Project Management & Continuous Improvement Software

Drive rapid and continuous improvement.

Creating real-time visibility into key continuous improvement initiatives helps you reach strategic goals faster. Getting the job done starts with a Project Management software that empowers people to effectively complete projects on time, while keeping them connected to the KPI metrics that enable overall operational goals. Everyone keeps an eye on the end goal, and people know what to do, and when to do it, to ensure project success.

Align your projects with your vision and keep them on track.

Nearly 50% of executives say their continuous improvement programs, aren’t helping to meet business objectives. Why? Usually because the projects aren’t aligned with strategic objectives and key metrics from the start. Or, even if projects start off strong, they eventually lose steam if they are not managed properly. Dploy Solutions project management software clearly links your continuous improvement initiatives with your big picture strategic objectives. And it ties every project to the critical KPIs that enable breakthrough performance. Focusing your entire organization on the right projects ensures that the improvements you make will ultimately move your business in the right direction.

Once projects are aligned with strategic objectives and the right key performance measures, the Project Management software gives you tools to keep even the most complex initiatives on track. You can create goals, action items, and deadlines and assign project to available team members and resources, budgets, and metrics. Then you can easily and efficiently track progress using data visualization capabilities for a quick view of project status, so you can see if projects are on target, on schedule, and on budget. Robust reporting gives you insight into project results, financial impact, and employee engagement, along with the tools to act on those insights and make adjustments as needed to keep projects moving forward. Use Project Management cloud-based software so you can have visibility into key initiatives and business goals anywhere.

Execute your success.

The Dploy Solutions Project Management functionality closes the gap between projects and strategy, giving your team visibility and connectivity between improvement priorities, KPIs, and critical projects. It keeps your entire organization focused on completing the initiatives that matter most. So you can do more than plan on success—you can execute it.


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