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Measure what matters.

The health of your business depends on everyone focusing on the organization’s critical key performance indicators and meeting goals tied to those KPIs. With the Dploy Solutions KPI Management software, the entire team uses robust tools for KPI tracking, identifying missed targets, and taking appropriate actions to stay on track every shift, every hour. Everyone is accountable for driving measurable results daily and, ultimately, winning the year.

Too many metrics can muddy the waters.

Leaders, managers, and employees struggle to achieve goals when they are bogged down by many, often competing, metrics. And when the performance data around those metrics is difficult to decipher, or when it’s delivered too late, after a critical miss has already been sustained, it’s nearly impossible for people to stay focused on keeping the business on track.

Focus on meaningful KPI metrics you can act on now.

The Dploy Solutions KPI Management software focuses everyone in the company on the critical few key performance indicators that are essential to meeting daily, monthly, weekly, and annual goals. Then, through data integration with other systems and robust data visualization tools, it translates real-time performance data into critical insights your team needs to track, manage, and take action on key issues, while still allowing time to correct problems and make your goals.


KPI Management Software Solution

High-level views into the business via dashboards

Much more than a dashboard, the KPI Management software gives you visibility into metrics across divisions, regions or locations. From your computer or mobile device, you and your team can see at a glance which KPI metrics are on track, and which aren’t. You can create action plans to remove roadblocks, and track the implementation of those plans. And you can dive into root causes and put countermeasures in place to permanently resolve performance problems. Leaders can also track the status of KPIs over time to identify trends, analyze data, and determine the real drivers of performance problems and successes in your business.


KPI Management Software

Problem Solving Capabilities

To safeguard against critical misses, customizable alerts notify the appropriate people when performance is off track, assuring that goal-critical issues receive attention quickly. If problems aren’t resolved within a set timeframe, alerts are escalated up the chain of command. Senior leaders become involved in only those issues that can’t be resolved at a lower level.


KPI Metrics Dashboard Alerts

Alerts and Escalations

Win the year, one day at a time.

The KPI Management software of Dploy Solutions improve daily execution by giving the right people, the right information, at the right time. People at all levels are empowered to make better business decisions and achieve daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goals that are directly tied to your organization’s long-term success. At the same time, Dploy Solutions delivers information and tools for continually improving the business in the areas that matter most. You’ll not only stay on track to make the year, but you’ll be positioned to sustain a higher level of business performance well into the future.


KPI Management Solutions Capabilities

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