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Understand the root causes of digital manufacturing  problems faster.

In manufacturing operations, when a key performance indicator is off track, getting it fixed fast is paramount to achieving daily goals and long-term breakthrough performance. With the cloud-based analytics capabilities of Dploy Solutions, you can quickly understand the specific factors contributing to a miss or a performance issue through drill down analysis. And you can leverage insights to resolve the root cause of problems, prevent them from affecting your performance in the future, and identify new approaches to driving greater profitability.

It’s not enough to know a problem exists. Get down to the detail of why!

The sooner you know you have a problem that’s standing in the way of meeting your operational goals, the better it is for your manufacturing business. But once you identify the issue, you still need to drill down to determine what’s driving the problem. Traditionally, this process is time and labor intensive and your business may not have the time and resources to spare. With the analytics capabilities embedded in Dploy Solutions, your manufacturing leaders are empowered to go beyond descriptive analytics (knowing that a problem occurred) and leverage the power of diagnostic analytics to discover why it happened.

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Automate and accelerate the process of understanding why performance problems occur.

The analytics capabilities of Dploy Solutions works by identifying the key factors driving your digital manufacturing operations KPIs and integrating the right business, process and factory floor data, from both internal and external sources. You get meaningful, actionable insights about the relationships between the factors. In manufacturing, for example, if you have a material variance, the analytics can quickly show you which line, which shift, and which machine parameters are contributing to the problem. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be equipped to solve problems faster.

Business Analytics Software

Interactive charts to see the reason why targets are missed

Business Analytics Software

Drill down to the next level to know where and why issues happen

Business Intelligence Analytics Software

Identify the root of the problem

Identify and explore new opportunities to improve your digital manufacturing operations.

Beyond diving deeper into the KPIs that you already know impact your business, the enhanced analytics capabilities within Dploy Solutions give you the power to explore new opportunities to improve operations. You can quickly and easily run correlations and explore potential relationships between a wide range of business variables. These exploratory exercises can open the door to business insights that can dramatically enhance your performance and help you continue to identify and gather critical data that will give your business a sustainable edge.

Prepare your business for a more profitable future.

The IIoT capabilities of Dploy Solutions empower you to optimize manufacturing operations performance by transforming the way you identify and resolve issues. With Dploy Solutions Business Analytics software, you’ll enhance today’s performance from the top floor to the shop floor while paving the way to an even higher level of business insight and understanding tomorrow, including prescriptive analytics, cognitive analytics, machine learning, and AI. You’ll have the real-time knowledge you need right now to make better, faster decisions, and you will be positioned to keep your manufacturing business at the top of its game well into the future.

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