TBM Consulting Group Unveils New KPI Management Module to Align Daily Operational Activity with Annual Goals

March 29, 2017 | 

Real-time tracking expedites issue management and boosts operational efficiency.

DURHAM, NC, March 23, 2017—TBM Consulting Group, a global operations management consulting firm, today announced new robust capabilities of its modular, cloud-based Dploy Solutions business process management system, Dploy KPI Management. The KPI Management module adds capabilities for keeping all parts of operations in sync on a daily basis, down to the hour or minute, in pursuit of annual operating plan (AOP) goals. The entire Dploy Solutions suite includes Strategy Deployment, KPI Management, Project Management, Data Visualization and Data Integration.

Manufacturing, distribution and service organizations with complex, multi-site operations often struggle to aggregate data from disparate systems and to capture that information in a timely manner to identify issues, fix them and keep them fixed—making it difficult to keep teams and departments tracking toward annual operating goals.

“When operations have a lot of moving parts, little slips here and there really add up,” said Ken Koenemann, Vice President, Dploy Solutions and Supply Chain, TBM Consulting Group. “When it takes days, weeks or months to address an issue or miss, the costs snowball. That’s why we emphasize that to win the year, the quarter, the month or the week, you really need to be certain all departments and teams are winning the day whenever possible. We designed the Dploy KPI Management system to make winning each day easier.”

The Dploy KPI Management system uses data integration capabilities to integrate data from key business systems, such as CRM, project management, enterprise resource planning and manufacturing execution systems. The performance tracking feature in Dploy KPI Management allows you to measure your processes in short time intervals, identify abnormalities and take action to “win the day.” The system aggregates key metrics from across systems, spreadsheets and performance boards, delivering a single version of the truth to different levels of the organization. Users see job-appropriate, intuitive dashboards that highlight predefined targets and include tools for exploring root causes and creating countermeasures.

“We’ve been helping clients address daily management challenges for years,” Koenemann continued. “Although process rigor is a critical part of the equation for success, it all starts with getting the right information to the right people at the right time. Automating this process with the Dploy KPI Management system will be a game changer. Instead of having lots of resources manually recording or entering performance data, supervisors and managers can aggregate the data quickly, see it, act on it and start solving problems right away. “

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