TBM Consulting Group Launches Dploy Alignment: New Web-Based Solution to More Effectively Manage and Measure Continuous Improvement Results

December 5, 2011 | 

Dploy Alignment, a new Web-Based Solution from TBM Consulting Group, Streamlines the Process of Managing Continuous Improvement Projects and Resources by Clearly Aligning Initiatives with Business Performance Objectives and Making it Easier to See and Measure Results.

Durham, NC, December 5, 2011—TBM Consulting Group has released Dploy Alignment, a new web-based tool to more effectively manage continuous improvement projects, achieve alignment and deliver on strategic and operational objectives. The tool facilitates the process of managing continuous improvement projects, allowing users to more easily establish metrics that align with strategic goals, assess the impact of those key metrics, and clearly see the measurable results. Dploy Alignment is the fourth in a series of integrated Dploy Solutions modules from TBM Consulting that includes: Dploy Strategy, Dploy KPI, and Dploy Knowledge.

According to research conducted by Stiles Associates, LLC, nearly 50 percent of executives say their continuous improvement (CI) initiatives fail to meet objectives. TBM Consulting Group CEO Anand Sharma believes that one of the overriding reasons for executive dissatisfaction is that initiatives are poorly aligned to key performance indicators and strategic business objectives. Further complicating the problem is a lack of tools to help executives see when they’re off track so that they can implement countermeasures in time.

“Many times we find otherwise sophisticated companies relying on ineffective CI management tools, such as manual spreadsheets,” Sharma said. “Spreadsheets are great for many business applications, but they make it woefully challenging to get an accurate picture of the status of multiple projects and what their impact is on overall organizational goals. Dploy Alignment specifically addresses that challenge by bringing real-time visibility to company-wide improvement initiatives and demonstrating their value to the business.”

The web-based Software-as-a-Solution (SAAS) includes tools for flexible resource planning, including the ability to estimate financial impact to revenue growth, cost reduction or cash flow; tools to align improvement projects to a set of business performance objectives; and tools to track sustainment. Dploy Alignment also has tools to help drive accountability, manage project progress, and improve collaboration across multiple sites or across the globe. Plus, sophisticated reporting from the solution’s reporting dashboard helps users to understand progress against strategic goals, measure results, plan resource allocation, and improve decision-making.

“The result is greater alignment, greater investment returns, and a clearly defined path to achieving your operational and strategic objectives,” Sharma said.

For more information about Dploy Alignment, visit https://www.dploysolutions.com or call 800.438.5535.

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