Dploy Solutions Unveils New Analytics Capabilities That Go Beyond Traditional Business Intelligence Dashboards

February 5, 2019 | 

Dploy Solutions Business Analytics for Manufacturers

Deeper insights and broader visibility into operations helps manufacturers solve problems faster and improve performance.

Morrisville, NC, February 7, 2019—TBM Consulting Group, a global operations management consulting firm, today announced new robust analytics capabilities of its cloud-based Dploy Solutions operations management software.

Traditional dashboards tend to report results but often stop there. Here’s where Dploy Solutions makes things different. The new functionality inside of Dploy Solutions will enable business leaders to:

  • Import data from disparate systems,
  • View analytics in user-defined dashboards,
  • Drill down to areas of past and new concerns,
  • Understand and address the reasons for problems,
  • See actions taken for immediate and long term course correction.

The business analytics capabilities in Dploy Solutions are powered by Sisense embedded analytics. The new embedded analytics platform delivers insights on the relationships between operational KPI metrics and the outside data that resides in disparate systems such as ERP, MES, CRM, QMS etc. Dploy Solutions software offers data integration and data warehouse services supported by iConduct’s integration platform, to enable companies to stream data from any system, at any time interval and organize the data for quick, user-defined, analytics development. Users can generate customized dashboards containing data specific to business units, job roles, operational goals etc, so operations associates have access to the data that matters to their job.

Plant Manager Analytics Dashboard - Dploy Solutions

User defined dashboards

Correlation Charts - Dploy Solutions

Correlation Charts

Diagnostic analytics dashboard drill-downs - Dploy Solutions

Multi-level drill down capabilities

Manufacturing, distribution and service organizations with complex, multi-site operations often struggle to understand where inefficiencies or missed targets are happening in their operations. Pinpointing what is causing the issues is even more of a challenge. With Dploy Solutions analytics and real-time data integration, operational leaders and associates will be able to see how various areas of the organization are impacting operational targets and then drill down multiple layers to find the source of the issue.  “Operational leaders will no longer have a narrow view of their operations. The analytics and data integration capabilities inside of Dploy Solutions provides a broader and deeper view of what is impacting operational performance,” said Brian Tilley, Managing Director of Technology for Dploy Solutions. “For example, if there is a loss in throughput, the analytics may show that labor shortage was a factor thus leading to a human resources issue.”

What makes Dploy different is that users can capture why problems happen via reason codes. Operational leaders can conduct an analysis to better understand common reasons of issues and then produce countermeasures for long term improvement. Dploy Solutions provides online lean-based problem solving tools (5-why, A3 and 8D) and action plans so continuous improvement projects stay on course to completion.

“We’ve been helping clients achieve operational excellence for years,” Tilley added. “Although process rigor is a critical part of the equation for success, it all starts with getting the right information to the right people at the right time. Streaming data in real-time, providing detailed views into what is impacting operational performance, and tracking and managing issues to resolution, all in one web-based system is a game changer. No more reliance on manually consolidating data into spreadsheets that are typically stale upon review. Operational leaders and associates can access relevant data quickly, see it, act on it and start solving problems right away. “

Learn more about the new Dploy Solutions analytics capabilities here. For more information about Dploy Solutions suite of capabilities, visit: www.dploysolutions.com or call 800.438.5535.



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