Dploy Solutions Launches Enhanced Cloud-based Strategy Execution Software

July 22, 2021 | 

Dploy Solutions Launches Enhanced Cloud-based Strategy Execution Software Providing Real-time, Global Operations Visibility & Management

Comprehensive Platform Now Consolidates Strategic Plans with Real-Time Business Data into a Single, Visual Dashboard to Maximize Manufacturing Performance

Morrisville, NC— (JULY 22, 2021) Dploy Solutions, a global leader in digital manufacturing and industrial IoT technologies, today launched its newly enhanced Strategy Execution (or policy deployment) software. It is the only cloud-based manufacturing platform that delivers comprehensive, real-time management of strategic plans aligned to critical initiatives that drive performance improvement. Employees from the top floor to the shop floor gain real-time access to data and deep insights into issues and corrective actions to improve their ability to execute effectively and achieve a higher percentage of strategic objectives.

Now, with the new enhancements, companies benefit from real-time data integration and a robust strategy insights dashboard. Once a manual function, users now have direct data integration from ERP, MRP, IIoT, financial, safety and quality management systems all in one place. The enhanced dashboard allows manufacturers to easily measure and monitor strategic plans and related KPIs where they can create or view action plans and countermeasures from anywhere with point-and-click simplicity.  This gives manufacturers a clear view into progress that provides quick answers to key questions, including, ”Are we hitting our targets?  What are the reasons for the missed targets? What are we doing to get back on track?”

As the pandemic proved, remote, on-demand access to strategic plans and performance data is essential for operations teams to rapidly address issues and achieve performance goals, especially when human capital and supply chain disruptions are constantly surfacing. In most organizations, data is locked into paper-based reporting, scattered across disparate systems or housed in hundreds of complex spreadsheets, all of which require manual data entry and analysis. For decision-makers, this data is often outdated and inaccurate, causing slow and cumbersome decision making.

Dploy Solutions Strategy Execution software eliminates that problem, making real-time insights available to anyone who needs it from anywhere—from front-line managers on the plant floor to C-suite executives across the globe.

“As the last year and half has proven, agility is essential to strategic planning success. Manufacturers can’t afford to wait a week or even days to implement changes when things around them are fluctuating minute-to-minute,” said Ken Koenemann, VP of Technology and Supply Chain at Dploy Solutions and TBM Consulting. “Dploy Solutions is unique as it is the only solution that ties together strategic initiatives, KPIs and improvement activities with real-time production data. It delivers the data you need to make fast, effective decisions, so you can quickly react to challenges and capitalize on new opportunities to stay on track with strategic objectives.”

Dploy Solutions is the only all-in-one solution that allows manufacturers to:

  • Gain complete visibility into strategic plan and KPI progress across facilities globally.
  • Aggregate data from business and operations systems for deeper analysis on KPI performance.
  • Standardize KPI reporting to get clear views into performance across multiple facilities.
  • Flag missed KPI targets with reason codes for troubleshooting and tracking.
  • Implement countermeasures and monitor the impact of those mitigation efforts in real time.
  • Analyze data to better understand KPIs, identify opportunities and make forecasts.
  • Leverage data visualization tools for business reviews rather than spreadsheets and PowerPoint.

Strategy deployment is a key element of an emerging topic, Lean 4.0, coined by Koenemann as the marriage of traditional continuous improvement processes and integrated technologies, also known as Industry 4.0. Dploy Solutions suite of manufacturing software is one of the leading technologies that is critical in taking lean to the next level by leveraging data to generate up to 20% additional operational improvements leading to significant bottom line gains.

Dploy Solutions strategy execution capabilities can provide the visibility and execution required to achieve strategic goals faster in any manufacturing organization.  See for yourself how it works and request your demo today.