What a Disconnected Manufacturing Tech Stack Means for You

Ken Koenemann | September 27, 2017 | 

While the systems manufacturers use give them vital information they need to run their operations, many of these systems are disparate and don’t integrate or talk to one another.

What a disconnected manufacturing tech stack means for youThis gives leaders only a glimpse of individual parts and provides no easy way to aggregate operational data into a singular view that allows them to see problems and take action. Download this infographic to learn about the challenges of disconnected systems versus the benefits of data integration across critical systems (aka your tech stack) into one single view into your operations.

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Ken Koenemann, VP Technology & Supply Chain
Ken Koenemann

Ken is a 25+ year veteran of manufacturing, operational excellence and supply chain optimization. He believes that it is critical for organizations to address the challenges of strategic planning and use of big data in manufacturing. At TBM, Ken is actively leading the effort to our suite of services to include emerging technologies that improve productivity and convert complex data into information for improved decision making.