Case Study: Digitizing Policy Deployment Drives Greater Focus, Daily Execution and Collaboration

December 13, 2021 | 

Digitizing Policy DeploymentBonnell Aluminum’s Director of Operational Excellence was asked by the leadership team to take process improvement to the next level across the entire business. Knowing that strategy deployment would be critical to maintain the company’s key values, implementing policy deployment practices and leveraging technology for swifter execution and direct line of sight into strategic progress across the business was an imperative.  Learn how Dploy Solutions made strategic goals and KPIs more visible to leadership teams and actionable for associates at Bonnell Aluminum as well as help:

  • Create and better manage consistent operational processes across the business and newly acquired businesses
  • Eliminate the manual, spreadsheet-driven business system and policy deployment management practices
  • Enable remote teams to conduct monthly reviews with a consistent and improved format that drives more productive improvement discussions

Download the full case study to discover the results after the implementation.

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