Your Digital Manufacturing Journey Starts with Data

Go from data, to insight, to action, to bottom-line results faster than ever.

The right data can deliver valuable insights into how your business is performing against strategic and operational goals. With digital manufacturing solutions from Dploy Solutions, you not only have the power to visualize your data, you get the capabilities to find the root cause of issues and correct them in the short- and long-term so you can increase margin and profits faster than your competitors. Dploy Solutions is the single IIoT platform with the robust capabilities you need to turn data into clear insights and drive the right actions to fuel and sustain business growth.

Dploy Solutions equips leaders and people at all levels of your organization with:

  • Critical data streaming from disparate systems and factory equipment, providing short-term increment measurements and real-time insights into performance.
  • The ability to tie strategic initiatives to daily execution, all the way down to shop floor activities.
  • Analytics capabilities that drive to the root causes of performance problems.
  • Online problem-solving tools that facilitate fast decisions and quick corrective actions to improve daily performance.
  • Management tools for keeping key project initiatives on track, such as continuous improvement projects, CapEx projects, and new product introductions.
  • Complete transparency that connects operational improvements and actions to the impact on bottom line results across all areas of your operations.

Strategy Deployment

Accelerate strategy execution by breaking down high level goals and connecting everyone to your mission.

KPI Management

Stay focused on the right metrics. Hit your goals every hour, day, and month to win the year.

Factory Floor Connectivity/IIoT

Combine factory floor and IIoT data with business metrics for your complete performance picture.


Quickly understand what’s contributing to performance misses. Leverage insights to identify and resolve root causes fast.

Project Management

Align improvement projects to operational performance and strategic goals. Track and manage project success in real-time.

Advanced Analytics

Explore potential relationships between a wide range of business variables and identify new opportunities to improve operations.

Data Integrationa

Pull together data from disparate systems and easily access it to analyze and manage business performance.

Advance your digital manufacturing journey with Dploy Solutions.

Dploy Solutions is the key to implementing digital manufacturing solutions in your business. It lets you see where digital investments can help improve performance, track the impact of those investments, and scale up as your business grows. With Dploy Solutions, you know exactly where to focus your manufacturing technology investments for the greatest business value.

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