5-Step Phased Approach For Digital Transformation In Manufacturing Operations

| February 15, 2021 | 

5-Step Phased Approach for Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Whitepaper

“We want our machines to talk to us.” This isn’t a line from the latest science fiction blockbuster. It’s a real comment from a business leader looking for ways to take advantage of the latest digital transformation in manufacturing technology trends. Given the advancements being made in areas such as machine learning, prescriptive analytics, and robotics, companies will likely be able to achieve digital goals like these in the not too distant future.

But it’s important to remember that digital transformation in manufacturing is not about embracing technology simply for technology’s sake. Rather, it’s an ongoing journey in continuous improvement that requires a considerable investment of resources. In order for these investments to pay off and deliver the value companies hope to gain, it’s critical to approach the journey with the right mindset.

The operations management experts at Dploy Solutions, agree with the analysts: advanced digital technology in manufacturing must play a role in the future of your business. However, research indicates that many of the hottest technology trends are not necessarily driving investment-worthy payoffs just yet. This fact, combined with the expense and risk involved, makes us advocates for a phased approach to digital transformation.

This paper looks at how KPI management software, such as Dploy Solutions, can inform on business performance and streamline your digital technology in manufacturing efforts to ensure the greatest return on your investment. Leverage KPI Management during any phase of your approach to pinpoint focus areas for digital technology, gather meaningful intelligence, improve and automate the processes needed to support your transformation, and track and manage performance. KPI Management can be a powerful tool in engineering a strategic digital future that can help optimize both technologies and processes to drive the breakthrough performance you envision.

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