How to Make Strategy Deployment Work in Your Company

Too many companies set objectives without creating viable execution plans and a daily management framework for achieving those objectives.  We suggest using the Strategy Deployment process, supported by strategy execution software,

Set ambitious objectives, create a realistic plan for hitting those objectives, and then execute the plan. An effective execution process makes it possible for companies to regularly and predictably achieve breakthrough improvements in performance. In this leadership briefing we describe how strategy deployment can help an organization’s leaders set breakthrough strategic objectives, create an action plan for achieving those objectives, and establish a disciplined process for making it happen.

One of the potential pitfalls of using strategy deployment to connect the business strategy to daily and weekly activities is the administrative effort required to monitor and report the key performance metrics.  Companies often try to use a spreadsheet, which is laboriously updated for each monthly review.

The operations management experts at TBM Consulting Group, recommend software that can shorten the learning curve and eliminate much of non-value added administrative time often associated with early strategy deployment initiatives. The project teams can then worry less about the mechanics of the process and focus on countermeasures. Such software can also overcome geographic separation and competing priorities that might pull people away from the review sessions.

The web-based strategy deployment capabilities in Dploy Solutions, one module of TBM’s Dploy® Solutions cloud-based software, streamlines the management of the strategy deployment process across multiple sites and between departments.

Read this brief for best practices on how to do strategy deployment right.

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