How to Keep Major Disruptions From Derailing Manufacturing Success

| April 14, 2020 | 

Digital Management System and technologies

Topics addressed in this article:

  • Right now manufacturers are rapidly moving from a traditional face-to-face, hands-on working model to a virtual work environment as a result of the COVID-1 pandemic. Going forward, leaders need to think about new, innovative and flexible ways to work in preparation for disruptions.
  • Leveraging a digital management system helps your employees stay connected to each other, monitor business progress, and act on issues even when being onsite or in the office isn’t possible.
  • Integrating the right technologies to support every component of the management system brings greater clarity into business performance.
  • Digital management systems can help manufacturers navigate the current crisis, or any type or level of disruption, and will put them in a better position for future success.

The COVID-19 crisis has forced many manufacturing and distribution companies to pause operations, reduce staffs, or move to A/B days. Others, considered essential to the economy and the continued delivery of healthcare, are required to continue operating in some capacity. In an environment where hands-on work is critical, manufacturers are now rethinking how they should work going forward to better navigate any disruption at any level.

A digital management system, supported by critical technologies, can keep business moving, even in the event of a crisis.

At TBM Consulting (parent company of Dploy Solutions), we are seeing more and more manufacturers rely on their digital management systems to stay connected and productive right now. Integrating technologies into the process brings critical performance data directly to managers and employees to view information on their remote devices and laptops as well as on facility and office workstations. A digital management system is the key to promoting greater visibility and transparency across your business no matter where you are working.

Download this article to learn about the three ways a digital management system and technology can be used to promote safety and productivity and provide the best possible future for your business, your employees and the customers you serve.