How a Daily Management Process and Software Helps You Win the Game

David Pate | April 7, 2017 | 

In 2017, the New England Patriots executed a stunning come-from-behind victory to best the

The Benefits of an Effective Daily Execution Playbook

Bill Belichick celebrating Super Bowl win. An example of effective execution with a winning playbook.

Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI. The game marked the Patriots’ fifth Super Bowl win since 2002. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, no one can dispute the fact that the Patriots know how to get the job done. Even when the scoreboard shows the team falling behind, they do what must be done to course correct and ultimately win the game.

A lot of that success can be attributed to the emphasis Head Coach Bill Belichick puts on his playbook. He rigorously prepares his players so they know what to do in any given situation on the field. And because those players execute as planned, the Patriots fan base has come to expect—and regularly enjoy—success after success.

Your business can plan for and expect greater levels of success

A good daily management process is tantamount to a proven execution playbook to meet or exceed business goals. When situations arise, a daily management system makes you aware of the problem and gives your team the process rigor to follow to tackle roadblocks and obstacles, keep moving toward your business goals, and score a win for the day.

Our latest eGuide, The Key to Hitting Business Goals: Data Driven Daily Management, shows how a daily management process, executed by cloud-based software like Dploy Solutions, helps your business establish and follow a plan of action for identifying and addressing performance issues, and how that translates into significant advantages for your company.

Top 5 benefits of integrating daily management process with execution software

  1. Everyone knows what to do to meet or exceed business goals.

    Top line business goals aren’t always tangible to the people in your business who are doing the day-to-day work that is essential for ultimately achieving those goals. By integrating your daily management process with software like Dploy Solutions, business goals are visible to team members at all levels and get translated into daily or hourly targets that they understand and relate to in their daily work. They know what they need to accomplish that day, that shift, and that hour. And they get a better sense of how their work matters to the organization’s overall performance. 

  2. You know exactly where you stand right now.

    The ability to effectively execute your daily management process is simplified, more efficient and transparent using technology that provides a clear, current picture of how the business is performing right now. If there is an issue that arises in your daily process, it can be visualized as a miss in the KPI metrics stored with the software. Advanced software will even alert the appropriate individuals to take action on the issue at the time it happens, not days or weeks later. Imagine if the Patriots didn’t know the score until the game was over. They might have a general sense that things weren’t going their way. But without the scoreboard flashing the numbers for everyone to see, they may fail to grasp the urgency of the situation and the need for immediate action. While this situation is difficult to picture in the highly competitive world of professional sports, it happens all the time in the business world. Just think about how often you didn’t know about a problem until the next day, or week, or month. By providing performance dashboards that visually display real-time key performance metric data, aggregated from multiple sources, your leaders know exactly when and where misses are happening-right when they happen. 

  3. Everyone is accountable and empowered for performance.

    Like football, business is a team game and everyone has a role to play. Software to manage your daily process, along with the integration of organization-wide data, provides complete transparency into where misses are happening and why. Every metric is owned by an individual, and people are held accountable for achieving performance goals. When misses happen, a robust cloud-based solution provides the data and problem solving tools they need to make decisions to resolve the issue faster.  Further empowering employees to take part in contributing to business goals and promoting accountability. Dploy Solutions is the only software that has capability to integrate data, manage KPIs, analyze root cause of issues and create countermeasures to course correct all in one system.

  4. Issues get resolved in both the immediate and long term.

    Dploy Solutions is unique in its ability to encourage immediate action for addressing issues and course correcting to save the day, as well as root cause awareness and countermeasure creation to permanently resolve recurring performance problems. This is how integrating your daily management process with robust software functions most like a playbook. It gives your team a proven process to follow and immediate visibility when issues arise. It prevents knee-jerk reactions and ensures that resources are applied in the right way to fully diagnose and address the issue. Where warranted, it helps you take measures to prevent similar problems down the road.

  5. Operating profit increases by 10% or more

    In sports, when athletes see positive results, it motivates the individual and the team to advance beyond contender to champion status.  The same is true in business, when employees can see how their contributions are positively moving the needle their productivity and engagement increases.  Software that allows all employees to see progress on departmental and company goals helps everyone keep focused on what matter most to your business, like productivity, costs, scrap, and safety to name a few. When each of those metrics notably improves, your operating profit increases significantly, too. Dploy Solutions’ KPI management capabilities takes things another step further, going beyond measurement and visibility capabilities of an ordinary performance dashboard to give you a powerful countermeasure and activity management process. These tools improve the metrics (and thus, your operating profit) much more than the Hawthorne Effect alone.

Plan on meeting or exceeding your annual business goals

Patriots fans expect their team to win because they know the team has a solid playbook to help ensure success. When you use technology, like Dploy Solutions, to automate your daily management process  you can feel much more confident that your business will achieve its daily, monthly, and annual goals. With a way to quickly identify performance issues and a proven plan for keeping the business on track, winning every day will become your new and expected norm.

Learn more about how Dploy Solutions combines real-time business performance data with tools for acting fast to solve problems and achieve daily goals by downloading our eGuide, The Key to Hitting Business Goals? Data-Driven Daily Management.

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