Increasing Output During Social Distancing: How a Digital Management System Can Help

| April 15, 2020 | 

In the span of just a few short weeks, the COVID-19 crisis has dramatically upended the operations of manufacturers. For many, it has resulted in sudden and painful shutdown. But manufacturers providing essential products, such as medical devices and supplies, and food and beverages, need to keep running at full capacity—or even add capacity—while also keeping employees and their families safe.

Forging ahead in the time of social distancing

For manufacturers trying to maintain or even increase production in a time of stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders, it’s a tricky time. It’s hard to know when orders will be lifted and when they are, many people will likely still want or need to practice social distancing until the crisis is fully resolved. That means finding ways to limit the amount of people that need to be onsite and dealing with ongoing travel limitations and other restrictions is essential. In this environment, digital management systems are indispensable; they provide a way to manage operations, track progress, solve problems and assign and track responsibility from virtually anywhere. Download our recent article co-authored with our parent company, TBM Consulting Group, around the importance of implementing a digital management system now.

Some of our Dploy Solutions customers were ahead of the remote work and management curve before the outbreak of COVID-19. For example, one manufacturer was already using Dploy Solutions in conjunction with several technologies to conduct reviews across multiple levels of its business. Their digital management approach enables plant managers, vice presidents and C-level executives to review historical and real-time performance data and take action on it during regular remote meetings and reviews. For them, the transition to a remote digital management system is a relatively simple step forward because cloud-based Dploy Solutions supports:

  • Real-time KPI management
  • Daily or weekly KPI management
  • Problem solving
  • Action plans
  • Root cause analysis and countermeasures
  • Remote tiered meetings (daily huddles)
  • Remote coaching and mentoring
  • Strategy deployment

Ultimately, digital management helps your team work safer and smarter by giving it visibility into the business and the ability to take important actions from home. It translates into a greater ability to maintain or speed up business in the face of unusual circumstances like we are facing today.

At Dploy Solutions, our top priority is maintaining the health and safety of our employees and clients while helping clients manage through whatever extraordinary circumstances they are now confronting. Whether you are facing a shutdown or a slowdown or acceleration in business, our team has experience managing wild disruptions in supply and demand and we are here to help you.

For businesses that need help weathering the economic storm or keeping up with new demands, Dploy Solutions has worked with our parent company, TBM Consulting Group, to implement a remote consulting model. If you are looking for some informed support or need help with analysis, coaching or planning for what’s ahead, here are some of our recommendations and how we can help.

If I can answer any questions about digital management solutions and what’s possible with them in the current environment, don’t hesitate to reach out.