Smart Automation Prompts Need for Skilled Workforce

| August 18, 2017 | 

Advanced manufacturing, Smart AutomationCan advanced manufacturing deliver a clear ROI? This may be an especially thorny question when it comes to retrofitting a plant with aging assets. According to TBM Consulting, a from that helps manufacturers balance their technology and workforce, the biggest mistake manufacturing industry managers make is relying solely on smart automation tools as the solution to downtime and lost revenue. While manufacturers are pressing ahead with data analytics systems, TBM analysts see a skills gap that can hamper the effectiveness of smart manufacturing tools.

One of the keys to implementing advanced manufacturing technology is creating a team that can run the smart tools effectively. “With downtime being a silent killer, it’s essential to build a smart workforce around the supplemental systems and analytics that track root cause and counter measure tools in real time,” Ken Koenemann, VP of TBM Consulting, told Design News . “Workers need to understand the results and adjust certain lagging aspects to avoid further issues.”

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