How to Prepare for the Next Supply Chain Crisis

| July 16, 2021 | 

COVID, the Ever Given blockade in the Suez Canal, and now the congestion at the Port of Yantian – these constant hits are costing manufacturers millions, if not billions of dollars in losses and will take months or years to recoup the financial damage.  Looking ahead nobody knows what disruptions could be lurking around the corner but it doesn’t mean manufacturers can’t be prepared for when they inevitably rear their ugly head.

Manufacturers must leverage the power of data and technology to better understand the business challenges and opportunities that exist internally and externally. Aggregating the data and transforming it into deeper insights will help manufacturing leaders mitigate—and even anticipate—the next inevitable supply chain crisis. Supply chain control tower technologies give manufacturers unprecedented visibility and agility, with the dynamic response capabilities required to adapt quickly to an ever-changing and unpredictable global market.

The global events of 2020 and 2021 have really pushed the importance of a supply chain control tower to the next level by enabling the 3V’s (visibility, variability and velocity) across the entire supply chain.  Read this article in Industry Today by guest contributor, Ken Koenemann, VP of Technology and Supply Chain at TBM Consulting Group and Dploy Solutions, to learn how to weather the perfect storm of supply chain chaos using a Supply Chain Control Tower.

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