How to Increase Productivity in Manufacturing Operations with Digital Technology

| February 17, 2021 | 

Before COVID-19, manufacturers were already struggling with a dip in productivity due to staffing challenges. As COVID-19 worsened this trend, it has become particularly clear that digital technology needs to be used to offset manufacturing productivity trends. Post-pandemic, it should only be a matter of time before economic growth accelerates again. When it does, staffing will remain a persistent challenge. That means anything manufacturers can do to raise productivity and generate additional capacity could pay big dividends.

There is no better time than right now to start leveraging digital manufacturing technologies to improve current productivity when staff is low and start paving the way toward a long-term digital strategy.  However, given budget and resource considerations, a digital strategy isn’t something to try to implement overnight.  A calculated and pragmatic approach toward your digital transformation is the smartest way forward.

Download this article (in pdf format) published in ToolBox for Supply Chain and discover three examples of how embracing digital technology can move the productivity needle in the right direction.

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