How to Achieve ESG Goals with a Supply Chain Control Tower

Ken Koenemann | January 21, 2022 | 

Deploying a supply chain control tower has proven to be an effective solution for achieving environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals.

Studies show that 80% of consumers want more sustainable products, and want to buy from companies with sustainable business practices. Environmental regulations and mandates, consumer sentiment and public demand are forcing companies to make ESG goals a higher priority.  Even with logistics issues wreaking havoc on the supply chain, now is the time to implement strategies to meet ESG goals before policy and public pressure make it impossible to remain competitive.

Deploying a supply chain control tower has proven to be an effective solution for achieving ESG goals as well as providing greater visibility at all links of the supply chain. By providing a real-time method for monitoring, measuring and reporting on key ESG metrics from across the entire supply chain, a supply chain control tower gives companies broad visibility into their ESG performance so they can make decisions and adjustments to optimize operations.

Download this Supply & Demand Chain Executive article written by Ken Koenemann, VP of Supply Chain and Technology at TBM Consulting Group and Dploy Solutions and learn how to leverage a supply chain control tower to manage against your ESG goals.


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Ken Koenemann, VP Technology & Supply Chain
Ken Koenemann

Ken is a 25+ year veteran of manufacturing, operational excellence and supply chain optimization. He believes that it is critical for organizations to address the challenges of strategic planning and use of big data in manufacturing. At TBM, Ken is actively leading the effort to our suite of services to include emerging technologies that improve productivity and convert complex data into information for improved decision making.