How IIoT Data Can Drive Significant Productivity Gains in Manufacturing

| February 17, 2021 | 

Economic projections are forecasting that it is just a matter of time before economic growth will accelerate again and to that end, worker productivity is at the forefront of manufacturers’ minds.  Whether they are trying to find ways to make up for productivity losses from 2020, or developing new strategies to swiftly navigate around future disruptions like the COVID-19 pandemic, having the ability to connect to IIoT data is vital to accelerate productivity on the factory floor.  With the right use of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data, double digit gains as high as 25 percent are not outside of the realm of possibility.  Manufacturers, however, should be calculated and deliberate in determining the critical areas of operations where technologies, sensors and data should be implemented to drive productivity.

The ability to harness the wealth of information that IIoT data offers will enable manufacturers to truly understand exactly what is happening in the factory, why it’s happening and what is being done to drive improvements.  The three primary areas where IIoT data is instrumental in helping fine tune and improve process and/or machine effectiveness that impact production are:

  • Monitoring and managing factory floor performance
  • Triggering immediate alerts on machine maintenance issues before failures occur
  • Performing analytics-based productivity analysis and problem solving

Download this article (in pdf format) published by Industry Today to understand why and how each of these three areas are critical to accelerating productivity and increasing the potential for double digit gains.

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