Four Strategies to Uncrack the Supply Chain Bullwhip

| September 22, 2021 | 

The spread of new COVID variants means the risk of localized lockdowns and supply chain issues will continue. And that means manufacturers must take action now to calm the reverb.

Traditionally prompted by shifts in consumer demand at the end-user level, the snap of the bullwhip is now making its way further up the supply chain thanks to disruptions all around. From talent shortages and COVID-related slowdowns and lockdowns in Chinese manufacturing and sea ports to natural disasters like flooding and hurricanes to blocked shipping routes—not to mention everyone from consumers to manufacturers at all levels of the chain over-ordering to hedge their bets against future disruptions—the origin point no longer lies solely with the consumer. Now the chaotic reverberations
seem to emerge at every link in the chain.

In this Industrial Distribution article written by Ken Koenemann of TBM Consulting Group (parent company of Dploy Solutions) we examine four strategies to gain better control at every point of your supply chain.


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