Five Things to Consider When Rethinking Your Supply Chain

| April 1, 2021 | 

The last major pandemic happened in 1918, so it’s understandable why many manufacturers were caught off guard by the events of the past year. But between the potential for continuing virus flareups, ongoing trade standoffs and other surprises lurking in markets, manufacturers need to stay on their toes. Of course, catching up or keeping up with production is important. But smart manufacturers also need to stop and think about their supply chains, and what tactical and strategic changes are necessary for surviving and thriving in a less predictable world. Now is the time to start retooling supply-chain strategies for a fundamentally reshaped and less predictable business landscape.

Read this article in Supply Chain Brain, authored by Ken Koenemann, VP of Supply Chain and Technology at TBM Consulting and Dploy Solutions, where he provides five tactical and strategic steps that can help manufacturers get on the path to establishing the right relationships and sourcing strategies for greater supply-chain stability going forward.

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