Can the National Guard Save the Supply Chain and Christmas?

Ken Koenemann | November 16, 2021 | 

Over the past couple of weeks, dire warnings that Santa might fail to deliver this Christmas have turned into more assured predictions that the frayed supply chain will lead to missed sales and empty stockings in the US. With lead times stretched and cargo snared up along supply chains, some merchandise will not make it to market in time.

The LoadStar interviews Ken Koenemann, VP technology & supply chain practices at TBM Consulting Group, and head of Dploy Solutions, its division providing cloud-based software, who explains why he thinks it’s time to ‘call in the cavalry’ as well as implementing end-to-end visibility into the supply chain using digital tools.


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Ken Koenemann, VP Technology & Supply Chain
Ken Koenemann

Ken is a 25+ year veteran of manufacturing, operational excellence and supply chain optimization. He believes that it is critical for organizations to address the challenges of strategic planning and use of big data in manufacturing. At TBM, Ken is actively leading the effort to our suite of services to include emerging technologies that improve productivity and convert complex data into information for improved decision making.