5 Effective Ways to Accelerate Business Growth with Digital Manufacturing

| November 30, 2021 | 

effective digital manufacturing implementation According to McKinsey & Company, digital manufacturing can drive business benefits, including up to 50% reduction in downtime and 30% improvement in labor productivity and throughput.

Certainly, manufacturers must evolve in order to stay competitive. But with so many pressures coming to a head all at once — workforce shortages, supply chain disruptions, etc. — it can be very tempting to go all-in with a digital manufacturing implementation. And with so many options, it is easy to get caught up in the process of purchasing technology and overlook doing a thorough evaluation for whether it actually meets your needs. Not to mention, even with the best technologies on board, companies must also be willing to take action, to make the changes needed to drive incremental improvements and impact, which can be a hurdle in many organizations.

Digital manufacturing can drive business benefits, but it is most effective when implemented with a realistic, measured approach and a clear understanding of operational objectives and business goals. Read this article published in Processing Magazine written by Ken Koenemann, VP of Supply Chain and Technology practices at TBM Consulting Group.


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