4 Examples of How Technology Mitigates Human Error in Supply Chain Operations

| October 24, 2021 | 

More than 80% of supply chain disruptions are the result of human error. 

Human error is perhaps one of the biggest risks in manufacturing. Despite all the planning, processes, contingencies, quality assurance and fail-safe implementations, all it takes is a single mistake by a single person to bring your entire operation — or supply chain — to a halt. Just ask the captain of the Ever Given; the slightest wrong maneuver can send ripple effects across the globe.

The problem is, even seemingly little errors can cause big problems. While some may think machines are the answer — if we just automate the entire system, we eliminate the humans and the human error — that’s not realistic or even advisable.

However, there are numerous ways technology can help mitigate some of the most common human errors in your supply chain.  Explore “Where Tech Outpaces People in Supply Chains: Four Examples,” by downloading this Supply Chain Brain article below.

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