3 Ways Digital Technology Can Overcome Staffing Challenges

Shannon Gabriel | June 16, 2021 | 

staffing challenges in manufacturing


Staffing challenges in manufacturing has been a concern for years. Before the pandemic, it was low unemployment that made it challenging to find the right people and keep them.  When the pandemic struck increasing the unemployment rate to close to 15%, it was the issue of finding the right talent willing to come back to work when health and family needs were a top priority.

Now, even as workplaces reopen, extended unemployment benefits and continued coronavirus fears are keeping many people out of the job market. That means manufacturers are still struggling to hire, while also dealing with higher turnover and absenteeism related to COVID-19 quarantines and family challenges.

This human capital conundrum has left manufacturers looking for ways to keep capacity and productivity moving while staffing challenges and shortages persist.  In this global, competitive and fast paced economy, overcoming these staffing challenges will require manufacturers to embrace digital technologies in order to increase productivity and capacity.

In this article published in Manufacturing.net, Shannon Gabriel, Managing Director of TBM Consulting Group Leadership Solutions practice, provides three digital technology strategies manufacturers should consider to break through this human capital barrier.

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