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Reach your strategic goals faster by executing effectively every day.

Dploy Solutions is a suite of business process management software that helps you translate your strategic goals into actionable plans, so you can achieve—and sustain—breakthrough performance faster. It combines the ability to communicate your most aggressive performance goals organization-wide with easily accessible tools that people at all levels can use to improve business performance, track progress, create action plans, and stay on task.

With Dploy Solutions, you create a problem-solving culture where everyone in the organization has access to critical, real-time information along with the ability to act on the data to continually drive business performance improvements. People are empowered to do the right work, meet daily goals, remove roadblocks, and ultimately get your organization where you want to go faster.

With Dploy Solutions, you get everything you need to achieve and sustain double-digit productivity gains by improving the way your organization implements strategy, manages projects, and keeps business performance on track every hour, day, month, and year.

Strategy Deployment

Achieve your breakthrough objectives faster by aligning the efforts of everyone in your organization to your long-term business strategy. With Strategy Deployment, also commonly known as Policy Deployment, you get the tools you need to identify annual goals and cascade action plans throughout the organization, putting everyone on a clear path to achieve your strategic vision.

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KPI Management

Focus every member of your team on the metrics that really matter to your business, and drive actions to get the job done successfully. So much more than a dashboard, KPI Management gives you visibility into metrics along with tools to track performance, identify root cause, and assign corrective actions, so you can meet daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goals.

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Project Management

Align continuous improvement projects to your organization’s strategic goals and critical KPIs. The Project Management functionality gives your team the visibility and connectivity between strategy, improvement priorities, KPIs, and critical projects. With Project Management, you’ll be better positioned to complete the projects that drive breakthrough performance improvements.

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How It Works

Know exactly what’s happening in your business—and why.

As a cloud-based system, Dploy Solutions puts performance insights and action plans in context and makes them available 24/7 whenever and wherever you work. It aggregates essential data from the often-disparate business systems you already use, making information available and accessible in meaningful graphics and reports, in alerts, and on mobile devices. You get complete transparency into what’s happening in your business right now, along with past performance trends. You know what, when, where, and why issues are happening. And you know what actions are in place to keep your business moving forward.

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