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Complete transparency improves process performance across all areas of your business.

Dploy Solutions is ultimately about enabling people at all levels of your organization to easily keep the pulse of the business and understand exactly what’s happening so they can make the right decisions and take actions to further strategic goals. The system accomplishes this through powerful features that make information available to the right people, in context, and in real time to streamline the way your organization operates.

Data Integration chart - Dploy Solutions
Data Integration


Dploy Solutions has powerful data integration capabilities with the ERP, MES, and other business systems you’re already using. These integrations simplify the administrative burden of data management. They eliminate the need for multiple spreadsheets. And they update your key performance metrics in real time, giving you one complete picture of what’s happening in your business.

Data Visualization Software graph - Dploy Solutions
Data Visualization


To get a more realistic and comprehensive view of operational performance, you need the right data insights, delivered in the right context, so you can take the right action, right now. Dploy’s Data Visualization capabilities give your team a view of performance across business functions, units, and locations. See hits and misses at a glance and where you stand in relation to your goals. Drill down further into these insights to truly understand what improvements are needed and what actions are taking place to drive peak performance.

BPM Software alerts - Dploy Solutions


Dploy Solutions uses customizable alerts to notify people when performance is off-track. Alerts start at the lowest level. If problems cannot be resolved within a set timeframe, information is escalated up the chain of command. This helps you safeguard against critical misses by focusing attention where it’s needed most while also reserving your senior managers for only those problems that cannot be effectively addressed by others.

BPM software reporting - Dploy Solutions
Reporting & Analytics


Customizable reporting and analytics allows leaders to view progress against strategic initiatives, understand project and financial results, visualize employee engagement and resource utilization, and dive into long-term performance trends. Real-time reporting and analytics makes it possible for your executives to see the bottom line at a glance and know where to focus their attention for the greatest impact.

BPM Software mobility - Dploy Solutions


Dploy Solutions applications are available 24/7 on a variety of mobile devices. Up-to-the-minute performance data is always at your fingertips, and you can receive alerts and view metrics via graphs and charts from your smartphone or tablet. With Dploy Solutions, everyone stays connected to daily goals and big picture objectives, everywhere they operate.

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