Eliminate Spreadsheets and Data Management Complexity with Dploy Data Integration Tools

The beauty of Dploy Solutions is the software’s ability to consolidate, integrate, and display different types of data from multiple disparate systems, giving you the critical information you need to understand business performance and solve problems fast. Dploy Solutions has powerful data integration capabilities with the ERP, MES, and other business systems you’re already using and to stream data from on-premise sensors and files. These integrations simplify the administrative burden of data management. They eliminate the need for multiple spreadsheets. And they update your key performance metrics in real time, giving you one complete picture of what’s happening in your business, from production and inventory, to shipments, downtime, quality, and safety.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Integration

Dploy Solutions seamlessly integrates with your ERP, such as SAP, Oracle, Infor, or QAD, to name a few popular systems. This integration captures critical data related to planned and actual production, inventory, and shipments as well as your demand forecasts and schedules.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Integration

Dploy Solutions pulls real time work-in-process and cycle time data from your MES, such as Wonderwar, Siemans, or Infor, to provide valuable insight into your organization’s productivity.

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Integration

Data related to your current maintenance needs, maintenance work order schedule, and machine downtime streams from your CMMS into Dploy Solutions to make leaders aware of any maintenance issues that could impact productivity goals.

Quality Management System Integration

Your QMS houses a wide variety of data related to your organization’s ability to meet customer requirements and improve customer satisfaction. Dploy Solutions leverages this critical information to help complete the total picture of your organization’s performance and highlight areas that need attention.

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