A suite of operational excellence tools designed to drive
rapid execution.

Dploy Solutions is a modular, cloud-based suite of operational excellence tools that automates the process rigor your organization needs to confidently execute against your business strategy. It works hand-in-hand with the TBM Management System. Or it can supplement your own management policies by supporting and streamlining daily management activities, project management, strategy deployment, KPI management, and data visualization.

Features & Integration

The Dploy Solutions suite is made up of five modules. Each plays a crucial role in helping your teams confidently perform the right work and quickly hone in on the right metrics for achieving strategic goals and realizing big-picture objectives.

Dploy Solutions runs on the data contained in your various business systems. By seamlessly integrating with those systems and aggregating data from various sources, the software delivers one source of critical business performance insight.

Dploy Solutions turns business data into powerful insights. And it gives you tools to leverage those insights for faster execution and improved business performance.

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