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Execute Against Strategy with Dploy Solutions.

Modular, web-based solutions help drive visibility and accountability, ensuring that improvement efforts are aligned with your organization's strategic and financial measures.

Accelerate Strategy Deployment

Stay connected to your objectives, resources and people

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Track Enterprise Metrics

Track and manage key performance indicators, people and projects

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Search, select and share best practices efficiently

Tap into your organization's creativity, experience and success.

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Connect Continuous Improvement Activities to Strategic Business Objectives

Connect execution with strategy

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The Challenge

Establish objectives, execute effectively and sustain results.

The Environment

Increased economic pressure, budget constraints, reduced resources, and the need to do more with less. Not easy to accomplish, especially when you're managing dozens of initiatives at once.

The Objective

Cut through the clutter and focus on the initiatives that will make the most significant impact.

The Solution. Dploy Solutions

Four integrated modules deliver complete oversight of your business initiatives to help you achieve your strategic objectives.

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The only comprehensive management system that aligns business initiatives with strategic and operational objectives.

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Barriers to Success
  • Time-consuming monthly roll-ups that focus too much time on administration and not enough on problem solving.
  • Inconsistently formatted reports that make it difficult to determine which results are meaningful, where they came from, and whether they're even accurate.
  • Time-consuming onsite reviews.
  • Manual spreadsheets, presentation decks, and home-grown tools with lots of data... but little information.
Breakthrough With Dploy
  • A management system that helps you effectively monitor, measure and sustain improvement results.
  • A transition from firefighting to systematic daily management of your strategic and operational goals.
  • A global, real-time view of your entire organization that cuts through the information clutter and gives you fingertip control over strategic initiatives and key performance metrics.
  • A disciplined approach that drives visibility and accountability by helping leaders prioritize objectives and focus on projects that will make a meaningful impact.
  • A solution that facilitates the process of managing your continuous improvement activities and clearly links them to strategic objectives and key performance metrics.
What You Need
  • Quick way to track key performance indicators (KPI) and other enterprise metrics.
  • Global view of lean project data to ensure business performance is supporting strategic objectives.
  • An intelligent alternative to the chaos of inconsistently formatted spreadsheets with a lot of data but no strategic guidance.
  • Policy deployment technology that saves you time and reduces errors.
  • An enterprise-wide solution to manage projects and people and minimize time-consuming onsite reviews.
What We Deliver
  • KPI Dashboard and KPI reporting tools for easy monitoring of results.
  • Real-time KPI reports for comprehensive tracking of enterprise metrics, simplified Hoshin Planning and better decision making.
  • Smart policy deployment software that gives you systematic daily management of your operational results - and how they link to strategic objectives.
  • A suite of web-based applications for 24/7 access to all your lean deployment performance indicators.
  • Single source platform accessible from anywhere that drives visibility and accountability.
"This solution gives us more discipline. If things go wrong, we get to the root cause and can take immediate action to get back on track."

Abby Whitmore,
Continuous Improvement Manager,
Pactiv Corporation